Who Is GST?

GST and Toyota, 49 years of progress.

Gulf States Toyota, Inc. (GST) is one of America’s most successful private companies and one of the world’s largest private distributors of Toyota vehicles and parts. Learn more about our history here.

Private distributor of new Toyota vehicles and parts

Founded in 1969 in Houston, Texas, GST is one of the world’s largest independent distributors of Toyota vehicles and parts. GST serves all of the Toyota dealerships in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

We team up with TMNA USA and more than 150 Toyota dealerships in our five-state region to meet the rising demand for Toyota vehicles and parts.

Associates at the GST corporate office help support the business, with a focus on upholding the Toyota brand. GST’s corporate associates provide support and direction to dealers and field associates with the goal of delivering a superior partnership.

The Parts Distribution Center (PDC) is responsible for distributing Toyota vehicle parts to the dealer network. The parts distributed from the PDC range from engines and transmissions to nuts and bolts.

The Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) is responsible for accessorizing all Toyota vehicles distributed to the dealer network. Our processing operations are widely recognized as one of the finest and most efficient in the industry. The accessories installed at the VPC include, but are not limited to radios, navigation systems, alarms, up-graded wheel packages, side molding, spoilers and luggage racks. Additionally, we perform State and quality based inspections ensuring customer satisfaction.

GST Training Centers provide technical training support for the ongoing development and certification of technicians.